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RLGSA Alumni Panel

The RLGSA is excited to announce this in-person event. After a long time of online interaction we are finally offering a productive event to learn more about the future of our careers (no matter if you are graduating now or in 3 years). Through the voice of our alumni colleagues we will hear more about the process of landing in a job in academia and outside of academia. There are different language specializations involved. We believe the panel is broad enough to cover information for graduate students in other departments.

If you know someone in a different department who may find this useful, let them now!

Web of the event

IMPORTANT – Covid Outbreak – GTFF + RLGSA

Dear everybody, 
Please, read this email carefully. 

As all of you know, after the message from the provost last week the Department is giving the option of switching to remote teaching for classes with a certain number of positive cases. Days are getting complicated and there are multiple opinions on how to deal with COVID cases in the classroom. 

As GTFF steward I attended the emergency E-Council to understand what is happening. In yesterday’s meeting we voted for possible collective actions, being one of the most important “to backup and protect individual GE actions/requests” (and I quoted from the meeting minutes). 
Tomorrow (Wednesday at 5pm) there is a GMM to vote for concrete actions. Please, show up there and share your opinion. 
The GTFF take on this topic is to pressure the UO to make changes for the health and safety of all workers and students. Tomorrow’s GMM will focus on voting concrete actions. If you cannot be there, please, send me an email with your opinion, suggestions or concerns and I will bring it to the table. My vote is ALWAYS the result of the consensus among RL GEs perspectives. I cannot predict your opinions, so please, share it with me. 

**Just to clarify before tomorrow’s and Thursday’s meetings the union is here to help GEs in the case the department is NOT granting the remote option to instructors who request it. That is why I mentioned in the email yesterday that ideally you will CC the GTFF stewards and union organizer to help the union understand the number of approved requests.**

As President of the RLGSA I remind you that we will have our first Open Meeting this Thursday at 2pm on. I highly encourage you to come to the meeting because we will touch base with all of you on those matters. 
The first part of the meeting will focus on the GTFF actions. I plan on spending more time than usual sharing what I learnt from the GTFF meetings this week. I will also ask you to vote to decide what to do in a departamental level. And I would like to hear more about your thoughts on this. 

*Remember that RLGSA board members (RL department) and GTFF stewards (University/workers level) are GE representatives, and we do not make our own decisions without gathering everybody’s opinions. We create collective voices that help eliminate certain concerns through actions.*

Thank you for your time and energy. I am here to help so do not hesitate to contact me or any member of the board. 
I hope to see most of you for the Open Meeting on Thursday. 

RL Guide for New GEs

To all new Graduate Employees in Romance Languages: WELCOME!

Congratulations on your acceptance to our graduate programs in Romance Languages at U Oregon. We are very excited to have you join our academic community and look forward to working with you in your dual roles as GEs: graduate student and teacher.

RL is an incredibly vibrant and complex unit, and we have a long history of excellence in research and teaching. This is exciting, but it means that there is a lot of information and “departmental culture” that you must accustom yourself to in a very short time. Our Director of Graduate Studies and the professorial faculty will push you to great heights in your training as scholars, and we have a highly professional supervisory staff who will provide you with top-notch pedagogical training. You will soon find out that we work and play hard in RL!

This on-line guide is designed to help you familiarize yourself with the people and practices of the department. You also have other resources at your disposal, for example, the RLGSA blog. We hope that you will get in touch with any questions you may have; we want your transition to your new role to be as successful as possible.

Again, congratulations! À bientôt! A presto! Até mais! ¡Hasta la vista!

Robert L Davis

Professor of Spanish, Director of Language Instruction

In the guide below you will find information to help you with your arrival in Eugene, the structure of the department, teaching advise, a directory and other useful information. Keep this link in your Bookmark as reference.

RL Guide for New GEs

Fall 2021 Romance Languages Orientation Schedule

The RLGSA wants to officially welcome you to the new academic year. Come to our two events during the orientation of the department and learn more about the department and the university!

*Please note that the orientation has been moved to an online format (links in the document below), apart from two events that the RLGSA organizes.

In the panel we will explain the role of the association, basic information for you to get familiar with the graduate programs and the department and so on. At the end we will have time for a Q&A, so if you have questions bring them to the panel and the board and other returning Ges will try to answer your doubts.

For the Happy Hour we will gather together in a well known pub and restaurant, McMenamims East 19th, to have the chance to chat in a more informal setting. Let’s decompress after a week full of events.


Find the poster with our events and the PDF with the final version of the orientation.